Art and yoga


Art and yoga go together so well that Becca has combined them as a therapeutic practice. She loves doing it herself and teaches workshops and one to ones. The sessions begin with yoga to relax and get into ‘the zone’. Yoga helps you to connect to your body and become more present to enjoy the process of creativity rather than becoming fixated on a final product. Becca encourages clients to let go of the finished result and enjoy the process of creativity by experimenting with colour, texture and media.

Classes and workshops begin with an intention, such as ‘listen to your body’ or ‘stay present using your breath’ if it’s a class for others then the theme is usually planned in advance but Becca sometimes changes it once she has a sense of the group and what their individual needs are on that particular day.

When we practice activities such as yoga and meditation it is easier to tap into our creativity and wisdom. We lose inhibitions such as ‘I can’t paint, I’m not very arty’ or ‘what happens if it doesn’t look very good’ and we get absorbed in the beauty of doing. For people that suffer with chronic pain or anxiety it can be a great therapeutic exercise to practice.

‘The two compliment each other so well that I’m not sure where one ends and the other begins, personally I find that the yoga helps me to lose my inhibitions by enabling me to focus and relax without over-thinking. I feel like my hands then create without me thinking about, it’s just a case of doing. The postures and poses of the yoga practice are key players and I’m loving the process of forming sequences which compliment artistic expression.’



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