To be simply means to exist, to live. To exist is enough, each person is enough as they are. However, because of the society we live in there are often pressures to alter our natural behaviours and this can compromise our physical and mental wellbeing.

This weeks intent is ‘Be’ giving the opportunity for us to sit with ourselves, to give us the chance to accept ourselves, our lives, our world for all that it is, without judgement. When we take force away and trust who we are, without expectations, magical things begin to happen and unfurl. We are enough exactly as we are!


Moon rising in Sweden, the nature and the sea always reminds me that existing is enough!

In yoga, I will be teaching backbend sequences to open the heart and strengthen the back simultaneously, poses will be held for longer than usual, breath will be deep. 1 hour sequence below (remember in back bends to tuck the tail bone to protect lower back):


Ujayi Breath-Tune into how you are feeling in this moment, without judgement. Stay here for at least twenty deep breaths.

Knee pile, right leg straight with alternate nostril breath (inhale first through left nostril)

Seated side bend with neck release

Seated spinal twist

Frog lifting through x6



Suns x6


Warrior one

Warrior one with lunge (heel off floor)

Archer arms (stay in lunge heel off floor)



Lunge with Brain Cradle

Lounge lunge


Elbow to Knee x6

Hip release ( for right side; lying on back, bend left knee, take the outer side of right foot on to the left thigh, hands clasp behind left thigh or on left shin)

Spinal Twist





This is excellent becca 🙂 I’m not sure I can do it all right though! Glad to see you using the Blog, hope its all going well. x

Becca Poremba

Hey! sorry for late reply!Yes all going well, been trying to blog once a week as it works really well with the intent that I work with each week 🙂 loving how straight forward it is to use!x


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