Becca Poremba

About“Health and wellbeing became of real interest to me when I discovered I was pregnant with my daughter. I was nineteen at the time and had been living the typical student lifestyle.

It was an immediate realisation of just how precious our lives are, that our choices directly impact our life quality and sense of wellbeing. This inspired me to begin my journey as a therapist. I trained up in Bowen technique, Holistic massage and Sports massage.

I’ve practiced yoga for the last eight years. It has been valuable to me in so many ways that last year I trained as a Forrest yoga teacher, so that I could share the amazing benefits. Now I teach classes, do one to ones and add stretching and breathing to bodywork sessions. Yoga taught me to reconnect to my inner creative and I began doing artwork again. Now I incorporate my two loves (yoga and art) as a form of creative therapy.

I work in a client centered way because everyone is unique and therefore requires an individual holistic approach. I believe that nature is particularly sacred and healing. Personally I find the sea is a great place to reflect and climbing a hill can truly blow the cobwebs away. I hope to inspire people to see the beauty in the smaller things in life, to reawaken their true selves by doing what they love most.”

Work Experience…


These are some of Becca’s work ethics, they help her to run her business with integrity and compassion..

  • Look for the best in everyone.
  • Don’t be offended or take it personally if people don’t think the same. That’s OK!
  • Do not be controlled by others. Stand strong.
  • Ensure clients are safe.
    • clean towels
    • wash hands
    • insurance
    • confidentiality
    • punctuality
  • Honor my creative skills.
  • Be honest with compassion, don’t use ‘the truth’ to harm/hurt anyone.
  • Find your true answer and not what the best thing is to say to that person (don’t people please).
  • Don’t give to others by sacrificing yourself.
  • Stick to my integrity.
  • Nourish myself so I give to others form a full and genuine place.
  • You don’t need to give an answer straight away, if you don’t know you don’t know.