Embracing winter; Nurture yourself

At this point in the year, time seems to come to a stand still. We are given the opportunity to slow right down, reflect on the last year. It is a chance to decide how we would like to grow in the year ahead, where we would like to direct our energy. Plants do the same, they slow their growth, die back and let go of the parts they no longer need, making space for fresh, new and healthy shoots when the days begin to lengthen again. A lot can be learnt from nature!


Alnmouth beach on boxing day

To prepare for the year ahead I have gone through my flat and cleared every nook and cranny of all the stuff I no longer need, the general rule being; if I haven’t used it/worn it in a year I probably never will. I feel refreshed and like I now have more room to breath, there is space for new ventures and creativity. This process acted as a catalyst and now I have put several building blocks in placeĀ for the coming year.

During yoga practice, I have been creating a real sanctuary both externally and internally. Externally the room I practice in is womb-like, super cozy with soft lighting. To continue this internally my intentions for practice are soft and encouraging, my breath is deep and supportive. The intent for this week is ‘Nurture yourself’.

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