Energise Yourself!

Energise Yourself!

With days that are shorter, colder and darker it is natural that energy levels can take a considerable drop. In the past I’ve dreaded winter but this year decided to go with the change and embrace it, rather than trying to fight against it. I’m learning that winter gives time for reflection, rest and recuperation, if you let it!

Sunrise Yoga

Reflections in the water, triangle pose

What I have found particularly helpful is getting out in the daylight, going for walks or a gentle run. Then, creating a lovely warm sanctuary at home to hibernate in when it gets dark, I’m seeing winter as a great opportunity to make things and have been doing lots of creative activities to bring plenty colour and life into our home. Each day I start with a fresh lemon, ginger and honey drink with 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar-touch wood I’ve not had a cold yet!! The challenge has been truly listening to my body and working out when its best to move or to stay still.

In yoga this week we will be focussing on moving stagnant energy in the body with deep breaths, a variety of inversions (getting upside down) and a lovely long savasana.

Sequence for 1 hour class:

Intent-energise yourself

Seated cross-legged position, bolster under bum if tight in hips.

3x Brahmari into Solar plexus

Knee pile with Kabalabatti breath-x30 0n each side

Wrist sretches

Side bend and neck release with heal into groin (other leg is straight)

Abs-Elbow to knee


Dolphin- take each leg up

Suns x4

V1) Warrior 1)

Shoulder shrugs


Kite halk




Half splits


Warm Down

Straddle forward fold

Happy Baby



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