Holistic Education for Children

Holistic Education for children

In the UK children start school at the age of four years old, at six and seven they do SATs in English, Maths and Science. Holistic Education uses a combination of yoga, massage, self-compassion techniques and creativity to tap into areas that conventional education doesn’t pay much attention to, yet are still vitally important.

Yoga is a fun way to get kids to move and stretch, this feeling of connecting to the body is great for confidence and relaxation. If children can then approach there work in a relaxed and focussed way, the school learning experience will be so much more fulfilling.


Tree pose-with several variations!


As a massage therapist I see many people with what I call ‘Office Syndrome’ presenting itself as a tight neck, shoulders, back and hamstrings, as well as headaches and fatigue. Recently there have been a frightening number of children under ten, complaining about the same symptoms. Massage is such a great way to promote caring touch between children and also between them and their parents. The techniques are designed to be fun and keep them engaged, yet also encourage both physical and emotional relaxation. It’s brilliant after five minutes to look around and see the calm atmosphere that’s created while they massage.


Massage is a lovely way for children to connect

Self-compassion and self-love are vital when it comes to making healthy life decisions. At the beginning of the session the children introduce themselves by saying their name and something they love about themselves. Its amazing how tricky people find this, both adults and children! Throughout the class I remind them that if something doesn’t feel good in their body then they don’t have to do it, they are encourages to tune into what feels good for them rather than comparing themselves to others, because everyone is different.

Creativity and art are such a fabulous way for kids to express themselves, use their imagination, their hands and let go of inhibitions. I often incorporate a creative activity into Holistic Education sessions, the message is to enjoy the process rather than thinking too much about what the finished result will look like. This sets a strong foundation for them to think independently and embrace their own individual strengths.


A hand painting I did with my daughter Holly, aged 7






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